Buying Truffles

What to look for : The black winter truffle varies in size, anywhere from a pea of 8 grams to over a kilo. The truffle, once the soil is removed and it is washed, can look like a wrinkled black nugget with wart like bumps or it can have a surface not unlike the facets of a diamond – hence the term, black diamonds. When wet, the external colour appears jet black but dries to a dark brown.

The truffle should be firm and the flesh should be black with distinctive white veins and the aroma should be irresistible. Patricia Wells, in her cook book, Simply Truffles, writes that “the ultimate attraction of fresh black truffle is the subtle but powerful aroma. Earthy with a hint of freshly turned soil, it has been described as erotic, sexy, smouldering, intense …”

In fact, during the Dark Ages and the time of the Holy Inquisition, the truffle was banned from the kitchen because of its seductive appeal.

Purchase and Posting

Top quality black winter truffle can vary in price from year to year depending on season, supply and demand.   There may be variations in price from whole truffle to cut truffle.  Ask the grower for the “going rate of the day”.

Truffle can be purchased on the day of the hunt or Tarago Truffles can fill your order and have it in the post within 48 hours of harvesting.

For example, harvested and cleaned on Monday; graded, packed and posted via Express Post on Tuesday; for most post codes, you will receive your order sometime on Wednesday.  A few areas take two days for delivery.  All Express Post deliveries are able to be tracked.  Packaging includes Techni-ice to help keep the truffle fresh in transit.

This same process can run from Tuesday to Thursday or Wednesday to Friday.  Orders are NOT posted on Fridays in case of unforeseen postage system mishaps.

Orders can be emailed to or taken over the phone on  0248494605 or 0434 216 342


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