Cooking with Truffle

To thoroughly enjoy the experience, allow up to 10 grams of truffle per serve.

This prized delicacy can be used to enhance dishes as easily prepared as a simple pasta dish, mashed potato, scrambled eggs, warming winter soups as well as being taken to exciting gastronomic levels by chefs who infuse their magic in many different ways.

Truffle goes well with soft cheeses, eggs, butter, cream, all mushrooms, pasta, rice, potatoes, artichokes, oysters, salmon, scallops and poultry.

Store your truffle in an airtight container (preferably glass), either with fresh eggs in their shells or with rice, and refrigerate.  It will last well for up to a week and maybe longer if you open the jar daily for a minute or two, wipe out excess moisture with kitchen hand towel, close jar and return it to the fridge.

Maximise the use of your truffle and allow it to infuse the eggs or rice for 24 to 36 hours before using.
Use the infused eggs in omelettes, crepes, pasta etc. and the rice in risottos.

To add extra oomph to your dish, shave fresh truffle over hot food before serving.  The sensory experience of aroma and flavour is “to die for”.

Search the Truffle Festival website, for tips on how to use truffle.

Here is one of our  recipe cards, a collaboration between and Tarago Truffles.

recipe card back2Recipe Card front

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